Reduce Your Stress

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, but can also be one of the most detrimental to your health. Studies have shown that the holiday season causes 90% of people to see an increase in their stress level. Gift-giving, flights, family, and the seasonal financial strain all can cause unnecessary stress to those who are supposed to be enjoying their holiday. The season is meant to be enjoyed and following these tips can help you maintain the cheer that’s natural to the season rather than succumbing to its potential stressors.

Holidays shouldn't be stressful!

We all handle stress differently and can typically tolerate different levels of stress. Before you consider therapy, either natural or pharmaceutical, you should take a step back and see if you can manage it yourself. Avoiding stressful situations, especially around the holidays, usually just requires some creative thinking and forward planning.  This isn’t always the case however, and other measures may need to be taken.

Hormonal therapy may be an option for you if you’re looking for alternative stress management strategies. As you’ve learned in previous blogs, DHEA levels decline as we age, and this creates an imbalance in comparison to cortisol which can contribute to stress related diseases. Getting these levels back in balance can have numerous positive health effects, such as improving mood, cognitive function, and even fighting osteoporosis! Melatonin helps with your sleep cycle, and we all know getting a good night’s rest can really improve our stress levels. Finally, low levels of our sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, can lead to higher levels of stress, so getting these back to the appropriate levels will help manage your stress as well. All of these hormones can be supplemented, and we offer a variety of options that you can explore on our Stress Health Support page.

If you’d like a simple, more general approach, we have that covered! Check out these samples of stress relief/mood enhancers for every preferred delivery method:

Life Vitality powderThis powder boasts results in 10-20 minutes, from normalizing chemicals in the brain and promoting relaxation to mood enhancement, focus, clarity, and memory.

Quicksilver liquidQuicksilver’s spray acts fast and supports anxiety and productivity.

Zetpil suppositoriesZetpil suppositories offer the highest absorption rates and can positively affect stress, weight loss, appetite control, and emotional well-being.

Natural Factors chewableThrough GABA supplementation this chewable helps calm the brain and features noticeable results compared to L-theanine.

Pure Life capsulesThe most common method people use for supplementing is capsules, and we have them too. These Gabatrol capsules promote relaxation and can improve your mood in minutes.

As you can see, managing stress can be done in a variety of ways. Fortunately we can help if the typical stress management techniques, such as buying a pet or counting to ten, aren’t cutting it for you. As always, if you have any questions, specific concerns, or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to make more specific recommendations for you. Simply leave us a comment here, send us an email via our contact page, or reach us via the social media space.

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions