Protect Yourself With Natural Cosmetics – We Offer a Full Line

Everyone wants to look their best, and many decide to use cosmetics as their way to help them achieve this. The problem with many of the available cosmetics products is that they are loaded with dangerous toxins that you are applying directly to your skin and face.

These dangers are well documented. Some common problems include:Use natural cosmetics to avoid dangers!

  • Cheap makeup products that can contain unsafe amounts of harmful chemicals such as mercury and arsenic.
  • High pH levels can remove the acidic layer of the skin, which causes the skin to become susceptible to infection or even skin cancer!
  • Proven carcinogens like paraffin are included in some lipsticks, and most likely you accidentally ingest this anytime you eat or take a drink while wearing it.
  • Parabens, commonly found in mainstream beauty products, have been found in breast tumor tissue (at levels near 99%)!

The good news is that there are natural cosmetics that offer you a much safer alternative to these common cosmetics problems. These are growing in popularity, and even offer many benefits that other cosmetics can’t. Beyond the obvious earth-friendly benefits, a few more benefits of using natural cosmetics include:

  • Use of plant and flower extracts, as well as natural nutrients like Vitamin E that keeps skin healthy rather than harming it.
  • They offer a hypo-allergenic alternative, and you won’t have to worry about side effects like rashes, skin irritation, or pimples.
  • Best of all they are paraben-free!

If you are familiar with our blogs and website, you know your health and well being is our number one priority. Because of this, we offer a large number of natural cosmetics for all your needs. As you already know, we offer numerous ways to receive the benefits of these products, such as our Life Extension RejuveneX Factor Firming Serum. This serum is thinner than cream and offers much higher absorption of its skin-enhancing compounds. The 28 proven active ingredients provide optimal doses to give your skin youthfulness, provide firmness and smoothness, as well as hydrate it. If you’d prefer a capsule, we have you covered there as well, with our Life Extension Skin Restoring Phytoceramides with Lipowheat. These capsules will offer nutritional support for your aging skin, and the Lipowheat phytoceramides have been proven so effective in clinical trials that they are approved by the FDA as a dietary ingredient. These same trials have participants reporting dramatic improvement in their dry, flaking skin, with cases of dramatically less itching or full elimination of the problem.

If you have any specific concerns or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to make more specific recommendations for you when it comes to natural cosmetics. Simply leave us a comment or shoot us an email via our contact page. You can also reach us via the social media space.

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions