Practical Steps to Detoxification Part I

Detoxification is very important as we live in a very toxic world. A toxin is a pro-oxidant which causes electrons to be taken away from the biomolecules which produces oxidation. Antioxidants like vitamin C restore electrons back to oxidized biomolecules. “Increased oxidative stress causes 100% of all disease.” (1) Essentially all disease then results from the relative presence of and the interactions among and between, pro-Oxidants (toxins), pathogens (pro-oxidant providers), and antioxidant (nutrients). A nutrient is only a nutrient if after it is metabolized it is broken down and gets to the basic molecular level. It is only nutritious to the degree that it is antioxidant. It must produce molecules at the cellular level that have an antioxidant effect. If it is bad for you it is because when it gets to this level it has a pro-oxidant/toxic effect. Let’s examine some practical steps we can take to help in the detoxification process which is essential if we are to function at optimal health.

Step One: Prevention Before

It is important that we know where the toxins are coming from and then stop that source or sources so you no longer have them entering your body. This is essential if we are to make progress because we need to get off the endless Merry-go-round and start making real progress in this area. If we are going to prevent toxins from coming in our body we must be diligent and look at all areas of our life. I would use products that are free of chemicals and toxins. I suggest using a fluoride free natural toothpaste, natural soaps, natural shampoos, toilet paper and cleaners as well. All the types of products you use in your house need to be evaluated and only use that which will not put toxins in your body. It may cost a little more to do this, but think of it as investment in your health and it is a lot less expensive than getting sick.

Step Two: Pipeline for Healthy Liquids

Water is the best cleanser and we should drink at least a half-gallon of water each day. When detoxifying a gallon, a day would be better and distilled water would be the best choice for that purpose. It needs to be filtered water such as from the reverse osmosis process or distilled. “Distillation is effective because it removes the water from the contaminants, rather than trying to remove the contaminants from the water.” (2) Some have raised the concern about the acidic nature of distilled water but Dr. David Williams explains this subject very well. “It’s true that distilled water is acidic, whether it comes from a store-bought jug or a distiller at home. The acidity occurs because carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves in the water, creating a very dilute solution of carbonic acid. Distilled water in a container that’s been sitting open for a while could have a pH in the range of 6 (For comparison, vinegar has a pH of about 4, or 100 times as acidic).

Your body responds to this trivial amount of acidity by producing more stomach acid. So long as your digestive system is in good shape, and you’re not taking any medication to block the production of stomach acid, then the amount of acidity from distilled water won’t affect any body processes.” If you have one of those issues simply used water from a reverse osmosis system. Do not drink fluoridated water and I suggest you use a filter for your shower if you have regular city water. Your skin will absorb those chemicals. Any filter is better than no filter and if you have no filter you are the filter. Water flushes the liver tissues, aiding in removing toxins, and also assists the kidneys during a liver detox, so the liver can focus on its own cleansing. “The fact is, you need high quality clean water if you are ever going to become healthy, or stay healthy.” (3)

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