Part VII – Bone Health

In this week’s blog, featuring Bone Health, we move forward on our course detailing the “11 essentials” to a healthy supplemental regimen. We’ll continue to discard most of the medical jargon and be sure to lay out what an optimal supplement routine looks like. Our curriculum will cover the 11 areas that are most critical for treatment on a bi-weekly, session by session basis. Our focus areas are as follows:

  1. Multivitamins
  2. Omega – 3 Fatty Acids
  3. Coenzyme Q10
  4. Mitochondrial Function
  5. Hormone Balance (DHEA)
  6. Brain Function
  7. Bone Health
  8. Neural and Hepatic Health
  9. Vitamin D Levels
  10. Vitamin K
  11. Men’s & Women’s Health

Session 7: Bone Health:

One of the most overlooked consequences of aging is how our bones weaken, and unfortunately this is even more of a problem for women. Most people don’t realize that by the age of 50, 55% of us have low bone density!

TOsteo-Genicshere are many different ways you can help protect your bones as you age and help fight against . You don’t hear as much about osteoporosis as some of the other age-related diseases, but osteoporosis is very serious. A very sobering statistic indeed is that after fracturing a bone due to osteoporosis, there’s up to a 20% chance of death within one year!

Bone Strength Formula with KoActSupplementing your diet with calcium and magnesium are often recognized as the primary components in bone health. While it is true that they are critical in keeping a healthy ratio of bone density, silicon and boron are just as important as they increase bone forming cells, and stabilize the density of bones. Life Extension’s Bone Strength Formula with KoAct makes sure you get enough of these minerals, and also includes Vitamin D3, which facilitates absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, dried plum, which supports bone building cells, and several other key components. Metagenics Osteo-Genics is another great option to supplement with to improve your bone health.

As always, if you have specific concerns or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to make more specific supplement recommendations to compliment your basic foundation. You can leave us a comment here, or use the contact information listed on our website.

Neural and Hepatic Health is our next feature in the series, and we will dive into the details in the next couple weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!