Part II – Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In this week’s blog, featuring Omega-3 fatty acids, we continue our 11-session course, detailing the “11 essentials” to a healthy supplemental regimen. We’ll seek to discard most of the medical jargon and be sure to lay out what an optimal supplement routine looks like. Our curriculum will cover the 11 areas that are most critical for treatment on a bi-weekly, session by session basis. Our focus areas are as follows:

  1. Multivitamins
  2. Omega – 3 Fatty Acids
  3. Coenzyme Q10
  4. Mitochondrial Function
  5. Hormone Balance (DHEA)
  6. Brain Function
  7. Bone Health
  8. Neural and Hepatic Health
  9. Vitamin D Levels
  10. Vitamin K
  11. Men’s & Women’s Health

Session 2: Omega – 3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids. These can come from cold-water fish in the form of fish oils, squid oils, and more, as well as perilla and flaxseed oils. Several scientific studies have documented fish oil’s multiple health benefits, perhaps more than any other nutrient. There has even been supportive evidence that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease! Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart, brain, skin, and can provide immune and nervous system support.

EurOmega-3One of the best ways to ensure you are absorbing enough from your omega-3 fatty acid supplements is by taking a supplement like EuroMedica’s PhosphOmega 3. The real benefit of this PhosphOmega 3, in tablet form, is that it is equivalent to five full softgels, and has 50 times greater absorption than regular fish oil. Users of this in a recent clinical trial experienced significant support in healthy total cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL levels, as well as marked  improvement with concentration, mental vigor, quality of sleep, visual fatigue, memory, and physical recovery!

Our friends at LifeExtension also offer a great alternative to conventional fish oil in their Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract. This is the only fish oil to contain the healthy trio of concentrated nutrients from fish oil, sesame seed oil, and extra virgin olive oil. This oil blend exceeds the standards set by international rating agencies. The benefits of the sesame lignans include extending the stability of DHA in the body and directing fatty acids toward pathways which can help with inflammatory reactions.Super Omega-3 by LifeExtension

As you can see, increasing your intake of the omega-3 fatty acids provides multiple benefits not only to your body, but your mind as well.

If you have specific concerns or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to make more specific supplement recommendations to compliment your basic foundation.

Check back in for the next part of our series, the Coenzyme Q10, in the near future!