On Thankfulness

two people holding a bunch of leaves togetherWhile most of us celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with family, friends, and loved ones and sharing a traditional meal the true merit of the holiday is all in the name. Giving thanks. Even in the darkest of times there are things to be thankful for, and it is something important to remember not just on Thanksgiving, but throughout the year.

Thanksgiving heralds in the Christmas shopping season, and the day after Thanksgiving has become almost as big of a holiday of its own with huge sales and crazy hours for all types of stores. But what are these details for? Things, wants, gifts. It is easy to lose sight of the important parts of the holiday when we are encouraged to give into greed. While many of the things people buy on Black Friday may be gifts, the shoppers themselves do little but think of themselves while fighting over the best deals.

But why? Do we or our loved ones need that new 72″ smart TV? Will it improve their lives? Sure expensive gifts are nice, but I am much more thankful for the people in my life and that I can live with all my basic needs met than I ever am about just things. Wherever we are in our lives, there have been those who supported us and have shown us kindness when we were in need. Good has been there, good exists now, and good will continue to come in the future. Even when times are dark, the sun comes out and we are never alone.

Amid the holiday shopping madness, let’s try and take the time to remember those who’ve helped us. The people we have never met that helped shape the laws and land of today, those who fight for our freedom, those who work day in and day out to make sure those who have little can still get by. And let us be thankful for our individual family and friends, those who support us through it all. thanksgiving table setting

It’s also the season of giving, donating money, food, and gifts to charity so that the less fortunate can enjoy the season too is essential. As someone who grew up having no presents for Christmas many years when I was a child, I stress the importance of toy gifting charities. Children, especially those who still believe in the spirit of Christmas can have their whole years brightened by the gift of a simple toy when their parents have nothing. It reminds them that people are kind, and that there is always hope.

Thankfulness and hope go together, just as November and December follow each other. We must be thankful for what we have, and even in bad times have hope and believe that good things and help will come. Happy Thanksgiving.

By Samantha Dillon, DR Vitamin Solutions