Nature’s Aging Remedies

Everybody knows that 50 is the new 30, but not everyone knows that there is a vast cache of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that can literally extend your life. Aching bodies, forgetful minds, and frankly, less of a sex life, seem to be indicative of “getting old,” but there are things you can to do to combat the natural aging process and even reverse it in some areas. We aren’t talking about the fountain of youth here, but what we are sure of in our field is that nature offers a very beneficial harvest for our health, free for the taking.

Take, for instance, our Gray Hair Rescind product: This mixture of traditional herbs and vitamins and minerals, coupled with Catalase, can promote a thicker head of hair while stopping and preventing unwanted gray hair. Unless you’re comfortable with the “salt and pepper” look, this unique combination of natural elements has been shown to help restore your natural hair color. Our Integra-Lean Irvingia capsules are another prime example. This extract from mango fruit harvested in Cameroon, Africa helps to stabilize the diet of an aging patient, thus aiming to reverse the trend of weight gain, as it correlates to aging. Leptin, the hormone which tells the brain that we’ve had enough to eat is actually resisted as we age, mixing up our brain’s signals and deceiving our minds into thinking that we’re not full, when in fact we’ve had plenty to eat. The Integra-Lean Irvingia extract works to help reverse leptin resistance, increase the healthy chemical, Adiponectin, inhibit fat converting enzymes, and reduce carbohydrate absorption, all in a capsule which harnesses the natural power of the mango fruit.

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Integra-Lean Irvingia

DR Vitamins also offers an array of other supplements that treat age-related symptoms, ranging from female hormone regulation to natural remedies for sexual performance and that nasty abdominal fat gain that can come with age. Our supplements are scientifically proven to safely aid your health as you age in harmony with what nature has already given us. Getting old is natural, but the negative health side-effects that can accompany it don’t have to be.  Take advantage of nature’s bounty and draw out the youthful you!