Mercury Removal with Minimized Side-Effects

Mercury exposure is something to be taken very seriously, as high levels of mercury negatively affect your nervous, visual, and cardiovascular systems. Properly addressing mercury levels depends on the severity of your mercury levels. Following this general guide, you can begin reducing your high mercury levels, without the uncomfortable feeling that can often accompany detoxification.

Quicksilver-EDTAAddressing the mercury levels first is the safest way to begin before you begin the detoxing process. Most of our customers begin with either Quicksilver Scientific IMD or VitalTox DMSA suppositories, both of which are used to help remove toxic metals from the body (also referred to as chelation). These are used for typically two to six months depending on the severity of the mercury levels. If a urinalysis still shows high levels of lead, then we recommend moving on to Quicksilver Scientific EDTA or VitalTox EDTA suppositories.

As we mentioned before, detoxing with a high mercury level can feel uncomfortable. Although IMD and DMSA are both safe and effective methods of chelation, they do not come without some issues. One issue is transient elevation of liver enzymes. In order to prevent this, it is imperative that when using DMSA one needs to also commit to an advanced anti-oxidant program to minimize the potential liver issues, as well as the damage that occurs when heavy metals are chelated out of the body.

Both Quicksilver IMD and VitalTox DMSA, as with any supplementation, require some considerations to be made so that the necessary removal of the heavy metals does not create another set of problems. With both you’ll want to make sure that you are following the proper dosage protocol. For the DMSA chelation system, VitalTox has partnered with Zetpil and developed a protocol specific to DMSA suppositories. The protocol developed by Zetpil was created to ensure that your chelation experience will be safe, effective, and well tolerated.

At DR Vitamin Solutions we understand chelation of heavy metal is an important step, and their removal should be both an effective and side-effect-free experience to maximize the health benefits that occur when heavy metals are effectively removed from the body. We have numerous resources available throughout our website and on our protocols page, but if you have any questions we’re happy to help. Simply give us a call or send us an email!

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions