Meet the Founder and CEO of DR Vitamin Solutions: David Benic

Photo of David from DR Vitamin SolutionsThanks for visiting our Meet the Team and Blog pages! My name is David, the founder and CEO of DR Vitamins, LLC. My passion for natural approaches to health began in 1980 when I researched supplementation that would complement my muscle building and weight training program safely. I was a skinny boy growing up due to the misguided efforts of our medical system that provided me with daily doses of prescription amphetamines during lunch in school to counteract “hyperactivity” as they called it. I just called it just being a kid, but that is another story for another blog . 🙂

In 1985 my mother Carole had a heart attack at age 42, and needed surgery for 5 bypasses. At this point I began to use every means possible to research heart disease and how nutritional and alternative therapies could help my mother, as well as help me avoid the same genetic outcome. The focus of this research was not limited to heart disease. I became convinced that while we cannot change the genes we have, we can affect how they express themselves.

Shortly after I married my soul mate and wife Ranae in 1990, I learned I had a genetic disposition to Metabolic Syndrome, indicating I would likely suffer the same path as my mother. Metabolic Syndrome is a name for a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. One of the downsides of discontinuing the childhood amphetamines was increased fat around the liver and midsection. I no longer wore my slim jeans! Now I had to deal with a fatty liver, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides, vessel damage, and the list goes on. I have been managing this condition with diet and exercise as well as smart supplementation for over half my life now, past the age 42 of which is the age most in my family needed heart surgery (at the time of writing this I am 47).

In 1999 my father John was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and lived only 6 months longer. He was only 59. Six months later my mother was told she needed a stent in her heart. She completed the surgery with flying colors as I saw the before and after imaging. But due to what I believe was a separate misguided diagnosis and treatment using new untested pharmaceuticals, something went terribly wrong and she died a sudden death shortly after the surgery at age 55. I only wish I knew then what I know now about nutritional support for these deadly diseases. My life is now dedicated to finding a way to avert this genetic predisposition.

During that time in my life I was brought closer to my faith than ever before. I never prayed so hard, but I learned to trust God and His will, even though the prayers to spare my parents’ life were not answered. The day before I met my wife for the first time, I prayed for God to send me a girl who loved me for me – a simple good guy that just wants to love others. Fast-track to 2006, I prayed everyday while on my way to work to the corrupt banking industry that I could see clearly God’s will for me, and that He shows me a way to serve and help people, while earning an honest and modest living. I don’t need much. All we have is His anyway. Born out of that prayer was DR Vitamins.

It is my sincere passion to use the gifts God gave me to guide others in trying to prevent and support many of the diseases that take so many lives unnecessarily. My passion for extensive research has lead me into a lifelong mission to make sense of the huge array of supplements sold on the market today, and this company exists to only offer what I personally believe will help others. Supplements that I personally take, or that I would recommend to a friend or loved one.

As such, I take a personal interest in you and your health and supplement needs, and will do whatever I can to make sure you are happy and to support your health goals. We at DR Vitamin Solutions are called to serve you; not money. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority.

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions