Meet Sam

Image of SamanthaHello and welcome to my introductory blog! My name is Sam and I am a recent addition to the DR Vitamins team and a web designer here. Along with creating images for our sites and social media pages, I design our advertisements and help keep our sites up to date with information and products. I think it’s important for people to be as well informed about their health as possible, so I take the time to thoroughly research the products we sell and provide as must information to the customers as accessibly as I can. Nature and science are both huge inspirations for me, and I believe they can function harmoniously to improve health and create beautiful art.

I graduated from Central Penn College with an Associates in graphic design in 2013 but my learning didn’t stop there and hopefully never will, I love learning the newest things being created through technology and exploring fields I haven’t previously studied. I am a lifelong student and the universe in it’s entirety is my teacher. Through this I intend on growing continuously with DR and helping provide the best service and resources to our customers that is possible.

sams cat blueIn my spare time I enjoy exploring the natural world around me, going on walks and hikes and just seeing where I end up. When I’m not exploring the real world I like to kick back and explore the imaginative fantasy worlds of video games, technology fascinates me just as much as the earth does. My favorite part of coming home after a long day is being greeted by my cat, Blue. He’s an 11 year old turkish angora and, despite his name, a black cat. While not nearly as adventurous as me, he loves cuddling and watching whatever game or movie I’m playing whether it’s on the TV, laptop, or my phone. He reminds me to enjoy the simple things in life and that it’s okay to take it slow.

Thanks for reading!

By Samantha Dillon, DR Vitamin Solutions