This is Ranae

Photo of Ranae from DR Vitamin SolutionsWelcome to my introduction blog. My name is Ranae, the “R” in DR Vitamins. The “D” is for David, my husband. It has been a blessing for our small company to continue to grow and offer great products. In the early days I still worked full time in customer service, and left a company after 15 years to join DR Vitamins full time. Giving up vacation and a salary was hard but well worth it to work with customers and products I am passionate about. I very much enjoy being a part of people’s health and vitality. Personally I have taken a strategic supplement regimen since my early 20’s. I enjoy an hour of cardio exercise most mornings and try to eat healthy, and have cut out all drinks but spring water and skim milk since 2003.

In the little spare time I get I enjoy working with crafts. I watch my favorite TV shows including competitive cooking and other reality shows while working out and when I get a chance to. Our little Bichon-Poodle dog brings much joy too. We just love to cuddle and play. And to see those cute eyes pop out when I hand her a fruit and chicken treat brings a smile every time. We really do spoil her and to David and me she is our little girl. A small but loving family. 🙂

I guess you could say I first became interested in nutritional supplements soon after I married David. He was really into nutrition and how supplements had a positive effect on his health goals. I have always had health goals myself and believed in a preventative supplement regimen at a young age. Now I have more specific health goals based on the family genetics I have unfortunately learned of. I have seen heart disease and cancer ravage both mine and David’s family. Because of this and a variety of other factors, my supplement plan has changed over the years. Changes also occur due to ongoing research of new formulas and discoveries, and new product upgrades.

My husband David always said we were brought together by prayer. We have been married nearly 25 years and we feel the same way about starting this company. As we continue to grow my focus will always be faith, family, and helping others. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.


By Ranae Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions