Meet Colleen

Photo of Colleen from DR Vitamin SolutionsI have always been a firm believer in getting the proper nutritional foundation for optimal health. In my spare time I have researched many different aspects of nutrition in order to optimize my family’s health and vitality over the years. We try to shop local, GMO free, organic, free-range and gluten-free whenever possible. It’s not always financially possible but we do the best that we can. Being a mom has given me the motivation to lead a very healthy lifestyle. My children depend upon me!

In 2012 my mother was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. She lost a great deal of weight and could not eat much of anything without feeling terribly ill. This was due to the damage in her intestinal tract caused by an autoimmune response to gluten. GMO foods have a much higher content of the gluten protein in them. I believe the increase in gluten proteins in our diets has caused the gluten epidemic that we are now facing today.

Through my mother’s illness, we were forced to research all of her food options in order to get her onto the road of good health. Supplementation in her diet is critical. Today she is doing much better, but hasn’t reached her goal weight of 100 pounds, yet. We hope to get her there by this winter.

I am very interested in the arts as I am a full-time student at DeVry University where I will obtain my bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Design in 2015. I love to photograph and edit images in my spare time. My newest toy is my Cannon EOS D7 SLR. Occasionally, my oldest daughter and I shoot weddings together when given the opportunity. Mostly, I like to take photos of my kids, nature and even stock photography. My daughter is a graduate from Antonelli Institute, having majored in Photography, and shares a great deal of her knowledge with me.

During the winter months I love to knit and sew in my spare time. I have accumulated an extensive stash of yarns and fabrics over the last decade. My husband has been trying to reclaim some of his storage space, since I have consumed most of the basement with my crafty belongings!

I love to learn new things and I am always open for constructive criticism. I am constantly reading, watching design tutorials on YouTube and playing around on my PC or MAC within the Adobe Suites.

As an employee at DR Vitamins Solutions, I feel that I will continually be learning and evolving within the world of supplementation and the world-wide web.

By Colleen Moriarty, DR Vitamin Solutions