Life Vitality Pricing Slashed

Oftentimes in business, the popularity of a product leads to an increase in pricing as the demand increases. At DR Vitamin Solutions this is not the case, since we live to serve our faithful customers rather than the money many other companies chase. The popularity of the Life Vitality brand has actually led to a reduction in pricing for our large selection of products, with some products such as Gray Hair Rescind that is now nearly 66% below the list price.

Life Vitality supplements have long been regarded as some of the best anti-aging and longevity products available on the market. With supplements to support mood, hair, and a healthy weight, our raw, pharmaceutical grade ingredients are collected from the purest parts of the world. Life Vitality supplements are an excellent choice for those in search of safe nutritional support.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we’re happy to be able to offer the Life Vitality brand at a lower cost. Our chart below illustrates the volume pricing savings that have been passed on to you, our loyal customer. The pricing was already well below the listed price for these products, but now you’re saving even more. As always, if you have specific concerns or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to help. Our faithful customer service and integrity are at the core of helping you achieve a healthy and happy life!

Life Extension pricing slashed!

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions