9 Practical Steps to Increase Your Energy This Summer

Get Summer Energy. Now.

We all need extra energy during the summer months, who does not agree with that? Summer means fun, but without energy we cannot experience all the joys of summer (minus sun burns and kids forgetting their swim suits).

From family beach days to all of those outdoors activities that make summer a special time of the year, our energy levels are put to the test. When our bodies are not supplemented with healthful fuels, we suffer from low-energy during a time of the year that begs us to be outside and active.

Summer is taxing on our energy levels, so DR Vitamin Solutions has created 9 Practical Steps to help you increase your energy this summer.


Increasing Energy. The Natural Way.

Lets make this summer less about processed sugars, and more about natural energy.

A lack of energy is something that can affect all of us from time to time, but when it becomes chronic it can be a sign of underlying issues that needs to be addressed. We could easily grab a sugary energy drink or worst yet, a sugar-loaded “health-bar” promising to give us energy only to crash two hours later.

The question is: How do we boost our energy levels the natural way?

Remember, it is perfectly normal for energy levels to rise and slightly fall during the day. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to low energy levels outside of a regimented diet program. The number of hours you commit to sleep combined with your exercise regimen is one factor of many influencing energy levels. This article targets the specific nutrients your body needs if you are experiencing chronic fatigue.

The First Step To More Natural Energy.

Before we discuss how to arrive at renewed energy levels through cleanses and supplements, complete elimination of processed foods and sugar-rich energy drinks is a first step that cannot be over-emphasized.

We want to make sure that we address long term health as well as just the desire to have “instant” energy.

9 Practical Steps to Increasing Your Energy

Do a colon cleanse: When the colon is clogged, it can cause one to feel sluggish and have low energy. We would suggest doing a 15-day colon cleanse at least once a year.

Pro Detox contains a blend of senna, cascara sagrada, psyllium, flaxseed, licorice, and aloe vera. All of these herbs promote healthy bowel movements and the removal of all waste from the digestive tract. They work by initiating natural chemicals called sennosides which irritate the lining of the bowel to initiate a laxative effect. They signal the colon to clear out its contents, and can help relieve constipation. Each of the herbs work together to provide a better effect without causing the body to produce too frequent of bowel movements. Psyllium and flaxseed in particular both promote bowel movements and ease diarrhea symptoms by absorbing water and binding together digestive tract, stimulating bowel movements when there’s constipation and slowing them in people with diarrhea. This helps prevent Pro Detox from stimulating the bowels too much and causing an excessive amount of stool evacuation.


Improve cell health: Each cell is constructed of what is called mitochondria. In the way a battery is the life force of the car, mitochondria is the life force of our cells.  When mitochondria levels are low, our energy levels suffer. The three supplements that are very helpful for optimum mitochondria levels are Ascorbate C (Buffered Vitamin C), Glutathione and CoQ10.

Diet: Bobby Flay quotes, “I can’t be on the cheeseburger diet all the time.” Complete elimination of trans fats, sulfur rich foods and all forms of processed foods will cause energy levels to soar. We recommend replacing those foods with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The name of the game is mineral content. The reason we are strong proponents of seasonal fruits and vegetables is due to the high content of minerals and nutrients. The cheeseburger diet may taste amazing, but it leaves your body with almost nothing to create energy. Our bodies thrive on minerals and nutrients, depletion of these natural fuels causes our energy levels to plummet. If you have the option, opt for in-season fruits and vegetables as these energy-sources have been given the time they need to ripen. Eating out-of-season is not recommended as these energy-sources have not been given the correct amount of time to ripen.


Stress: Study after study shows that high levels of stress will sap you from your strength. To decrease your stress levels in a safe and natural way, we recommend Seratone suppositories.

Serotonin is a chemical and neurotransmitter found in high concentrations in the brain, bowels, and bloodstream. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin is thought to play a role in everything from muscle contraction to mood and stress regulation.

Because so much of the body’s supply of serotonin is made and contained in the brain, it is not entirely surprising that serotonin plays a pivotal role in multiple aspects of brain functionality. In fact, serotonin deficiencies are thought of as a possible contributor to multiple health concerns rooted in the brain and central nervous system such as high stress levels and difficulties with sleeping.

We recommend suppositories because of their unique ability to bypass the Blood Brain Barrier.

One difficulty with raising serotonin levels is that serotonin itself is incapable of passing through the blood brain-barrier (BBB). The BBB is a protective membrane which regulates what can or cannot pass from the blood into the brain. This means that any ingested serotonin is useless to the brain, even if it is able to reach the bloodstream in significant quantities.

These suppositories utilize 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), a chemical which is a precursor to the formation of serotonin. The most pivotal feature of 5-HTP is that it is capable of passing through the BBB. The 5-HTP in these suppositories is released directly to the blood through the porous tissues of the lower bowels. From there, it is able to be used for the production of serotonin in the brain. By assisting serotonin production, 5-HTP could play a supportive role in counteracting an identified serotonin deficiency in the brain.

Drink vegetable juice: If eating vegetables is not your preference, we suggest pureeing vegetables in a food processor. Sweetened with honey or stevia, pureeing is an effective method to delivering high amounts of minerals and nutrients to your cells.

Drink Vitamins: Did you know drinking Vitamins is a sure-proof method to deliver vitamins directly to your blood stream?

Quality sleep: Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time even on weekends. If you need extra sleep go to bed a little earlier.  Do not have any caffeine after 3 pm, but I would suggest eliminating it completely.

Drink plenty of water: Dehydration will cause one to feel tired or exhausted.  Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, even small drop the level of H2O in our body is enough to affect your metabolism. You should drink filtered water.

Increase intake of B vitamins: You especially want to get enough Vitamin B12 in your food as well as your supplements.

Exercise: Reducing calories and increased physical activity will send oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells, which will help your heart and lungs work more efficiently.  Because of this that will boost energy levels. You need aerobic exercise and strength training.

Thank you for taking the time to read 9 Practical Steps To Increase Your Energy This Summer.

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