I Feel Your Pain

image of a man sitting at a desk with a computer, holding his neck in painFeeling empathy for others is a very important element of our relationships with people especially in our own home. If that trait is not manifested in our life it can be a source of frustration and friction in our relationships with people.

Recently an interesting study was done by Ohio State University. They found when people took acetaminophen they were less likely to be empathetic than those who do not. The most common product this is found in is Tylenol.

Medications can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. It is very important that we function at optimal health. Though medications certainly may have benefits they may also have some side effects and can be toxic.

It is always best if we can find a natural alternative that helps with our issue without the toxins or any negative side effects. Pain Resist from Life Vitality is a very cost effective and helpful alternative for dealing with your pain.

It is also good to deal with the root cause of your pain as well. It is always best to have short term and long term goals in place. When you are not dealing with pain you not only feel better, but you are able to deal better with those around you. Optimal health and thriving relationships will help make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

By Kurt LaCapruccia, DR Vitamin Solutions