How Vitamins Help Fight the Aging Process

a pair of older women holding a basket of fresh vegeteblesThere are many things in this life that you can always count on happening. The sun will rise in the morning, the waves will always crash upon the shore, the stars will twinkle through the night, and the earth will continue to rotate. Those are all incredible things, but let’s take a look at the one human guarantee that people often have a hard time accepting with grace: growing old.

We will try all the bells and whistles to try and stop the process. From crazy diets to lotions and potions that promise to add young years to our ever aging lives. Many of us will pump crazy supplements filled with harmful chemicals into our bodies with the hope of pausing the effects of aging. However, there is a better and doctor recommended way to fill your body with helpful supplements.

Healthy food stores have rows upon rows of vitamins that “guarantee” this or that. But our Life Vitality supplements are formulated with the latest research and are doctor recommended. And getting the green light from a doctor should always be something you do when you add or change anything about your current supplement lineup.

Today thousands of studies have shown that words, such as “antioxidant” have become household names. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, Americans spent $2.3 billions dollars on antioxidant supplements last year alone. These have been known to reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, and even been shown to be effective against Alzheimer’s disease.

picture of our full line of life vitality products

Our Life Vitality supplement line offers so much more than the power of antioxidants. Here are some of the amazing healthy effects that they offer to help with the inevitable aging process:

  • Advanced Hair Support – promotes healthy hair growth for all ages
  • Brazilian Lean – promotes weight loss with all natural, safe, and effective ingredients
  • Pure Whey Protein Isolate – aids the body’s ability to break down and absorb protein for muscle building and retention
  • Kidney Assist Advanced Urinary Support – promotes kidney function and preventing the causes of kidney damage, such as UTI’s, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar
  • PureKrill EFA Krill Oil – a natural source of omega 3, which support mental health, healthy skin, and more
  • Ultra Bliss Mood Enhancer – made with a balance of amino acids, our mood enhancer promotes relaxation, focus, clarity, and memory
  • Wrinkle Rescind Skin Restoration Complex – helps reduce and prevent wrinkles
  • Prostate Assure Comprehensive Support – helps relieve symptoms of BPH, supports circulation and a healthy urinary system, and can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer
  • Gray Hair Rescind with Catalase – promotes thicker healthier hair and helps bring back your natural hair color

a couple enjoying an outdoor walk together for exerciseOther things to keep in mind when it comes to reducing the effects of aging is to make sure you have a good exercise routine, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and find the right vitamin supplements that will keep you in good health.

The bottom line is that a good multivitamin or supplement routine can be your main defense against the effects of aging and chronic disease. The body needs certain natural vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and many people fail to get those through diet alone. Contact us today and learn more about how our Life Vitality supplements can help keep you on track to a long and healthy life.

By DR Vitamin Solutions