Diet and Detoxification – Why you Should Pay Attention


It does matter what you eat.  Too often people do not pay attention to their diet until they get sick which I believe is the wrong approach.  It is far better to take preventative steps for your diet before you get sick.  


It is very important to read labels and to know what you put in your body. Do not trust advertisements or pretty labels pay attention to details it is your health and the health of your family that is involved. Things like high fructose corn syrup which is a common sweetener and trans-fats should be avoided.

Diet and Detoxification - Why you Should Pay AttentionEating

The sources where you get your food are very important for your diet. You should get your meat from a source without all the chemicals and harmful ingredients. I would suggest getting them from a local farmer that does things right or a meat market/supermarket that sells quality meat. It is good to have a separate freezer and buy in bulk so you can save money. You should get organic fruits and vegetables and each most of them raw. Do not fry foods at home and avoid using a microwave. A diet low in sulfur foods and high in acid makes you more susceptible to toxic metals.


The right diet will help protect you. A high acid diet of processed hurts our health and runs down metallothioneins, which are like a sponge and wherever they find toxic metals they will remove them.  Ascorbate C helps build this important substance.  Metallothionein is a protein made up of two amino acids glycine and sulfur containing amino acid of cysteine.  The poly peptide binds magnesium/zinc and will bind to any of the toxic metals and will be excreted through sweat, urine and stools. When low in metallothioneins and selenomethione that is when accumulation of toxic metals take place. Selenomethione is a toxic metal trap which is the only form of selenium that works for this purpose.


Ascorbate C and N acetyl cysteine should be a part of your daily routine. Chlorella is an efficient detoxification agent by binding to toxins and then carrying them out of your system. The chlorophyll in chlorella helps you process more oxygen, cleanses your blood and promotes the growth and repair of your tissues. It must be broken cell wall of chlorella to digest. Build and maintain your glutathione levels. By your diet you need to eat sulfur rich foods like garlic, onions, brassica sprouts, ginger and eggs.  Cruciferous vegetables are also high in glutathione. Glutamine and cysteine are needed to make glutathione. Ascorbate C will help you retain glutathione longer at the cellular level. Ascorbate is a buffered form of Vitamin C.  It should be buffered with these 4 minerals potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium.  Raise ascorbate levels in your body and you will raise glutathione levels in your body.  Get started today!