Choosing Where to Buy Your Vitamins

Picture of the word Trust in a magnifying lens.There are many places and ways to purchase your vitamins and supplements. Some people prefer to go to a physical location. These can be standalone specialty stores or even a section of the grocery store. Others prefer the convenience of online shopping. Shopping for vitamins on the internet can be done at a physical store’s website, sites that specialize in nutritional supplements, or even shopping sites like Amazon and Rakuten. And when we combine the sheer number of retailers that offer vitamins, choosing who to trust can be daunting. Below, we will offer some tips that, hopefully, will alleviate some of the frustration.

Finding an Honest Vitamin Provider

The human body has certain requirements. Included in those requirements are 13 essential vitamins (vitamins the body requires to function). But let’s face it; our lives are busy with work, family, and maximizing our free time so we don’t always eat right. That is why we supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. But where do we get them? What should we look for in a company that sells these critical nutrients? We have put together a list of guidelines that should help with your decision.

  • Customer Service: Whether shopping online or at a physical store, make sure there is someone knowledgeable that can answer questions about the myriad of choices available. They should be able to explain the differences and benefits of the various types of supplements including tablets and capsules, liquids, crèmes, and suppositories along with helping you make the best choice for your needs. You should also be able to reach the health advisor easily, without having long waits or fight your way through a complex phone menu. And perhaps most importantly, they need to be able to educate you on using the vitamins and supplements safely.
  • Picture of the word integrity in a dictionaryIntegrity: This one is harder to determine, but finding a company that actually cares about you and your health instead of just making money is important. We would suggest speaking to a health advisor and listen for anything that sounds like a sales pitch, whether it be suggesting a product without asking questions first or if they always suggest the most expensive product. You also want to find out about the return policy. A company that is willing to return products typically will make sure you are happy with your purchases.
  • Product Quality: A reputable company will offer high quality products. Unfortunately, there are many companies that sell or manufacture products with low purity or even unsafe ingredients. Many times these inferior products are sold for far less than a quality product. One way to minimize these risks is to stick with industry-leading brands. But we can’t ignore the smaller manufacturers that offer superior products. A trusted reseller will also carry these products and should be able to explain (with credible resources) why you would consider the lesser-known brand.
  • Fair Prices: Where you shop needs to offer quality products at a fair price. This does not mean the cheapest price. As discussed previously, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Research, training, and hiring health advisors to discuss your needs costs money. Trustworthy companies need to build these costs into the price of their products without gouging the customers. Sometimes that means prices on some products may be a little higher than other places. The overall level of customer service and product quality needs to be considered when determining a fair price.

We hope these tips of finding an honest and ethical vitamin provider help you to discover the right company for your needs. We have seen quite a few unscrupulous resellers and manufacturers during our time in business. These scam artists give the industry a bad name. We just don’t want you to fall victim to them. Please apply these same guidelines to DR Vitamin Solutions should you decide to consider us to supply your nutritional supplements.

By Greg Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions