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Announcing PureAbsorb Liposomes

We’re excited to announce the newest product line we carry: PureAbsorb Liposomes! These formulas are the highest quality and most effective liposome products on the market, with smaller liposomes, no solvents, no soy, vegan ingredients, non-GMO ingredients, and more supplements per serving than any other brand. As a special introduction, we’re offering them at a […]

Meet Sam

Hello and welcome to my introductory blog! My name is Sam and I am a recent addition to the DR Vitamins team and a web designer here. Along with creating images for our sites and social media pages, I design our advertisements and help keep our sites up to date with information and products. I […]

Meet Colleen

I have always been a firm believer in getting the proper nutritional foundation for optimal health. In my spare time I have researched many different aspects of nutrition in order to optimize my family’s health and vitality over the years. We try to shop local, GMO free, organic, free-range and gluten-free whenever possible. It’s not […]

Meet the Founder and CEO of DR Vitamin Solutions: David Benic

Thanks for visiting our Meet the Team and Blog pages! My name is David, the founder and CEO of DR Vitamins, LLC. My passion for natural approaches to health began in 1980 when I researched supplementation that would complement my muscle building and weight training program safely. I was a skinny boy growing up due […]

Who is Greg?

Hello, my name is Greg. I am not comfortable talking about myself, but I will give it my best shot. I manage the network and technical stuff for DR Vitamins, LLC. I also research and list products for sale on our sites. It is the perfect job for me since I get to work from […]

This is Ranae

Welcome to my introduction blog. My name is Ranae, the “R” in DR Vitamins. The “D” is for David, my husband. It has been a blessing for our small company to continue to grow and offer great products. In the early days I still worked full time in customer service, and left a company after […]

Meet Kurt

Hello, my name is Kurt and welcome to my introduction blog. My interest with nutritional supplements started over 25 years ago.  My wife Pam was born with a congenital heart condition and she had 4 open heart surgeries before we were married.  She had numerous health issues and I began to research everything I could […]