Black Friday Madness – Are You Game?

Dispute in shopOne of the biggest shopping days of the year is just around the corner. Many people will wake up early, race to the store, and stand in a very long line in the bitter cold – just to get their hands on a door buster deal. There are those who do this for the mere sport of it, to feel part of something big, to be involved in the chaos, and excitement of it all. The thrill of rushing around and trying to get the best bargain has become more than that. It has evolved into a holiday of it’s very own, where competition, slashed prices, and a limited supply of merchandise combine to create a sport not for the faint of heart. They are chomping at the bit! Wolves, I tell ya! Wolves!

I am one of those who prefer to sip a hot cup of coffee, while lounging in my cozy computer chair (feet propped up, wearing my jammies), and surf the net for Black Friday specials. “There’s no need to get crazy.” I tell myself. “Why waste all that time and gas money when you can shop online? Let the wild dogs rip each other apart, while I stay safe in my cozy little house with crackling wood-stove sounds and smells.”

But…I can’t help to wonder what I am missing out there, while the quietness of my home stirs fuzzies through my brain. Should I..? Nah… But, maybe…hmmm. I could just take a little itty bitty trip out there to see what’s going on. Maybe, I can just go to the local stores and get some stocking stuffers?

As the thought passes through my mind, I am immediately slapped back into reality. Nah! What was I thinking? Okay, back to shopping online. I can get stocking stuffers next week after the crowds simmer down a little. I can get great bargains from the comfort of my own home!

If you are looking for a great deal (and not at the expense of being trampled to death) you may want to check these places out, below. But, if you do decide to venture out, don’t forget to take your Ultra Bliss! It may just keep you from losing your cool when some crazy lady barges in from of you, just as you are reaching for the last Nintendo Wii U, proclaiming she saw it first. Gah!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe shopping experience! You just might see me out there! *wink*
By Colleen Moriarty, DR Vitamin Solutions