Announcing PureAbsorb Liposomes

PureAbsorb Liposomes logo pictured We’re excited to announce the newest product line we carry: PureAbsorb Liposomes! These formulas are the highest quality and most effective liposome products on the market, with smaller liposomes, no solvents, no soy, vegan ingredients, non-GMO ingredients, and more supplements per serving than any other brand. As a special introduction, we’re offering them at a discount for a very limited time, and you can use the coupon code save5 to receive an extra 5% off. Read on to see how PureAbsorb solved the problems of oral delivery and improved upon liposomal standards to surpass all other brands!

Oral supplements haven’t been as effective as they should be.

Supplements are great for supporting health and nutrition, but there’s been a problem with the way we take our supplements. Oral pills, tablets, and capsules all go through the digestive system before they can be delivered to the body. Digestion works by breaking things down, which works well for food but is too destructive for supplements. Large portions of supplements are lost to the digestive system before they even get a chance to help the body. This hinders their effectiveness, and what is the point in taking supplements if your body can’t even get any use out of them? We’re tired of wasting time and money on supplements the body can’t fully absorb, and so we’ve partnered with PureAbsorb Liposomes to offer you the greatest solution to the absorption problem ever conceived.

Over the years scientists have studied delivery systems again and again looking for ways to bypass the destruction of the digestive system. Methods like suppositories and IV delivery are effective, but not convenient to use or cost effective for the average person. Liposomes have shown the most potential, but the way they’ve been made so far was lacking. PureAbsorb went through all of the research, the years of studies, and the successes and failures of current methods to find what could be done to improve liposomal delivery.

And now, PureAbsorb have solved it.

PureAbsorb formulas have been carefully designed and encapsulated in liposomes using no heat, no solvents, no soy, no allergens, vegan ingredients, and the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients from around the world. The results? Liposome formulas that are more stable, more effective, free of side effects, and a better value than any others ever produced.

More formulas are to come in the following months, but right now we are excited to be able to offer PureAbsorb’s Setria Reduced Glutathione and Hemp Oil formulas. Both are powerful antioxidants and each supports the body in their own ways. Check out their individual product pages to learn more about each formula.

For a limited time, PureAbsorb’s products have been lowered in price! This introductory offer allows you to try these ultimate solutions for $39.90 each instead of $49.99!

Glutathione is the body’s natural antioxidant, though the body’s ability to produce and maintain proper levels of it decreases with age and disease. There are many glutathione options available for different people with different needs, but PureAbsorb’s is now the best option available.

Compared to Quicksilver’s Reduced Glutathione, PureAbsorb’s contains 3 times the total glutathione content per bottle and supplies 5 times the fully absorbable glutathione per serving. Because PureAbsorb’s products are produced without heat or solvents, they are more stable than Quicksilver’s and do not need to be refrigerated until the bottle is opened. This means no more worrying about your liposomal products losing their effectiveness in the mail.

See the difference for yourself with the full comparison chart between the two brand’s formulas below:

comparison chart between PureAbsorb Glutathione and QuickSilver Glutathione

PureAbsorb is available on DR Vitamin Solutions for the low price of $39.90, but that will go back up to the regular price of $49.99 soon so buy now!

By Samantha Dillon, DR Vitamin Solutions