All About Vitamin D

You may not notice how significant vitamin D is for your body until it is too late. As you age Vitamin D deficiency can cause various health problems, from thin or brittle bones, to an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, just to name a few. Getting enough vitamin D, therefore, has been linked to certain benefits associated with the prevention of osteoporosis, lower blood pressure for hypertension sufferers, decreased inflammation and a range of other health benefits.

To ensure that you’re getting enough vitamin D, you need to be aware of the warning flags that you may be susceptible to a vitamin D deficiency. These include:

  • Dark skin – This reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D when exposed to the sun.
  • Obesity – If your body mass index is greater than 30, you probably have low blood levels of vitamin D.
  • Limited sunlight exposure – The body makes vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight, so limiting the exposure you have to sunlight naturally causes a greater risk for deficiency. If you live in colder climates, put on excessive sunscreen, or wear more clothing for religious reasons, these can limit your exposure and leave you at a higher risk.
  • Age – As you age your kidneys may not convert vitamin D to its active form properly.
  • Poor vitamin D absorption – Different diseases can cause this, such as chronic kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, and cystic fibrosis.

If you feel you might be at risk for vitamin D deficiency, all you need is a blood test to determine if this is the case. If you’re concerned with preventing vitamin D deficiency, or you’re looking for good sources of vitamin D, we have several options for you.

Tuna is an excellent source of vitamin D!

As you could guess, sunlight exposure is one of the best ways to get your body a sufficient amount of vitamin D. There are also foods rich in vitamin D, including many fish such as cod, salmon, tuna, and halibut. There are also other options for those who aren’t seafood fans, including shiitake mushrooms, egg yolk, cheeses, and milk or yogurt.

We also offer nutritional supplements that help you maintain proper levels of vitamin D. Our own Zetpil Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol Absorbent Deep Penetrating Cream provides a high dose of vitamin D3, in the form of an absorbable skin cream that won’t degrade in the stomach or liver, which frequently occurs with the oral supplement options. This cream helps improve your sense of well-being and happiness, supports brain and heart function, plus a list of other benefits. Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3 VESIsorb capsules are another way to help supplement your vitamin D levels while supporting bones, cellular health, and more!

As always, if you have any questions, specific concerns, or conditions, we at DR Vitamin Solutions would be happy to make more specific recommendations for you. Simply leave us a comment here, send us an email via our contact page, or reach us via the social media space.

By David Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions