A Weighty Challenge

Image of fast foodsMy son Mark has never met a pizza, hamburger or bowl of ice cream he did not like. Recently he graduated from college and is living at home with us and for some mysterious reason my food bill doubled. I wanted to encourage him to lose some weight and I was not suffering from anorexia myself.

The Plan: I called my son to the place where we keep our scale. I got on the scale and wrote my weight down. I had him get on the scale and I wrote his weight down, which was more than mine for the official record.

The purpose: I issued a challenge to see who could lose more weight in the next 4 weeks. I wrote down a date in my calendar for the day of reckoning (weighing) for the final results. We would subtract what we weighed in 4 weeks from what we weighed that day and see who could lose the most weight in that time. I told my son he had more potential to lose weight than I did and my wife immediately says to him that is not a compliment.

The problem: My son is young and would burn off more calories by accident than I would on purpose. I knew that if I had any chance to win I would have to work very hard and be consistent.

Image of a bathroom scaleThe proclamation: The day arrived when we would step on the scale and it would scream our weight. The judge would now pronounce the verdict to our face. Did we accomplish our goal or would be guilty of failing to lose any weight. My son and I are both competitive and neither of us wanted to lose the challenge, only the weight. My son lost 8 pounds and I got on the scale and I lost 13 pounds. We celebrated and went to an Amish buffet about 50 minutes from our house.

The process: I realize we did not set any world records but I would like to share a few simple suggestions.

  • Determination: Just decide you are going to do it. There comes a point in life where you can only grow in one direction and it is not appealing. I am a middle aged man, with thinning hair and a face built for radio, but I was not going to make any excuses.
  • Diet: Control how much you eat. I did not starve myself or make major changes but minor adjustments. When you eat save room for dessert and then do not have it. Add a few more fruits and vegetables. You want to make adjustments you will stay with in the long term. You want to lose it and keep it off. You do not have to give up all the food you enjoy, but you must practice portion control.
  • Discipline: Exercise 3 to 4 times a week at a minimum of 30 minutes. There is no “magic diet pill” that will make you instantly lose 20 pounds. Supplements can be beneficial and we have some helpful diet aids on our website. However nothing can replace exercise, diet and good old fashion work.
  • Delight: Enjoy the process, do not make yourself a prisoner to misery. Don’t walk around like you were weaned on a dill pickle or twins with Oscar the grouch. My son and I spent more time together, exercised with each other and feel better because of the weight we lost.

Smile and remember you can do it! If I can be of any help to you in this area feel free to contact me.

By Kurt LaCapruccia, DR Vitamin Solutions