A Gray Area: Unfortunately it’s My Hair

Gray haired gentlemanWhen you go to bed and there is green grass and the next morning snow has covered your yard, then you know exactly what happened. Winter flexed its muscles and God sent some beautiful snow to cover the landscape. It almost seems like that is what happens with our hair although most of us do not look so fondly on the gray as we do the snow. At least you can shovel the snow or wait for it to melt, but the gray hair is not quite that simple.

The process: Let’s take a look at how we get gray hair in the first place. Hair color is produced by tiny hair pigment cells within our hair follicles called melanocytes. As we age the melanocyte’s activity gradually declines until they stop making pigment. New hairs grow in without pigment, resulting in gray hair. This is due to the wear and tear on hair follicles which causes a buildup of hydrogen peroxide. This will block the normal synthesis of melanin, your hair’s natural pigment. All hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as you age the amount increases. Essentially, you bleach your hair pigment from within, and your hair turns gray and then white.

The problem: Most people do not like gray hair. It is about as well liked as a tooth ache, throbbing headache or upset stomach. The perception is that it makes us look old and that is not entirely the case. If we eat right, exercise and take quality supplements we can maintain a healthy looking appearance.

The potential: According to recent scientific studies, low levels of Catalase in your body can turn your hair gray. Getting a supplement with catalase can be helpful. Though it is not 100% guaranteed, it has helped many people. If a person does not have any absorption issues the illustration of a sunchances are even better it can be of help to you. Also, a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland can cause premature graying that is reversible if the problem is corrected.

The Brightside, if your hair is turning gray, is that you still have your hair. Ask anyone who is going bald and I believe they would agree. There is hope to turn the gray hair issue around, but remember that the quality of your life will not be affected by the color of your hair. Keep smiling, moving forward and remember to never stop enjoying life.

By Kurt LaCapruccia, DR Vitamin Solutions