5 Benefits of Pet Companionship

There have been numerous studies concerning pet ownership. Having an animal in the house can help both young and old with physical and emotional health, find you a date, and can even save you money. We will discuss these benefits below.

Boost Junior’s Immune System

Baby Girl Sitting In Field Petting Family Dog

Recent studies have shown that having a pet in the house when a baby is born can give his ability to fight off bacteria and allergens a boost. This seems to work best with dogs or cats, but exposed to large animals on a farm is also beneficial. The thinking is that these furry creatures are dirty and babies that come in contact with the dirt and allergens on a regular basis have positive benefits on their immune system. These same children were less likely to develop eczema, colds, and ear infections during their first year.

Fido is Good for Your Heart

Father and son walking their dog on the beach

Those who get a prescription of dog ownership may have healthier hearts than their dogless neighbors. Many dog owners walk their dogs. This exercise is good for the heart (and waist) and can lower blood pressure. Research has also found dog owners who survive a heart attack live longer than those who don’t have the same four-legged companionship.

Furbabies Soothe Our Savage Beast

Woman on the sofa petting kittenWhen people get stressed or angry, cortisol and adrenaline are released. These hormones prepare us for the “fight or flight” response. This release makes blood vessels restrict and blood pressure increases. If we were to pet or play with our pet when stressed out, serotonin and dopamine levels may increase. These neurotransmitters have the ability to calm people down and allow them to experience pleasure instead of stress and anger.

What a good looking dog, can I get his phone number?

Adult couple with English Bulldog on sidewalk.

Tired of looking through the personal ads? Try taking your dog for a walk. People, especially shy people, are more likely to talk to someone walking their dog. They ask about the breed, pet it, and watch it do tricks. This common interest puts people at ease and the interaction may turn more social.

Fluffy Comes with Rebates

Senior woman holding a catWhen elderly people are involved in the daily care of their furry friends, they may be able to save money along with receiving the benefits of exercise and companionship. The Midland Life Insurance Company includes questions concerning pet ownership for its clients over 75 years of age. Many times they offer insurance premium discounts for those do own pets.

There are many benefits to animal companionship. We barely scratched the surface today. Pets become family members. And just like our human family, we want them to have the best nutrition possible. Sometimes the food and treats we choose just aren’t enough. Please consider vitamins and other supplements for your pet. DR Vitamin Solutions offers a selection of high quality pet nutrients to help with everything from anxiety to premium vitamins to supplement commercial foods.

By Greg Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions