Monthly Archives: July 2014

Intractable Singultus: Hiccups That Won’t Go Away

Intractable singultus is the official name for persistent hiccups. Everyone experiences hiccups on occasion, including unborn children. They typically disappear fairly quickly, often within a few minutes, but may last up to a day or 2. However, certain underlying medical conditions can cause persistent hiccups. Intractable singultus is diagnosed when hiccups last longer than 48 […]

The Setup Man (Precursors) and the Main Attraction (Glutathione)

This is a substance that many people have never heard of and it is one of the most important in your body. You can greatly help your overall health by making sure you are not deficient in glutathione. The fabulous nutrient: What makes glutathione so great is that it is found in every cell in […]

A Gray Area: Unfortunately it’s My Hair

When you go to bed and there is green grass and the next morning snow has covered your yard, then you know exactly what happened. Winter flexed its muscles and God sent some beautiful snow to cover the landscape. It almost seems like that is what happens with our hair although most of us do […]

Breaking Free From Antibiotics and the Yeast Overgrowth Cycle

Do you suffer from yeast overgrowth from taking too many antibiotics? Do you find yourself at the doctor’s office more than once per year asking for an antibiotic prescription to get rid of your pain and suffering? It’s a vicious cycle to get caught in and many people don’t know how to get out of […]

5 Supplements That Everyone Should Be Taking

Why Take Supplements When I Eat a Healthful Diet? I am sure that many people may scoff at the idea of taking a supplement or more than one supplement on a daily basis. I’ve spoken to quite a few people who have told me, “I eat a good diet. I don’t need to take vitamins.” […]

Charley Horses, Cramps, and Spasms, Oh My!

I am one of those unfortunate souls that suffer from cramps and spasms in my feet, in my calves, and sometimes in my neck or back! I attribute the neck and back spasms to sitting at the computer and staring straight ahead for more hours than my body can handle. But, why do I get […]