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9 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating

One of the greatest parts of the holidays is the home cooked food we take time to sit down and enjoy. Hardly anyone has time to do this anymore, and the holidays offer a break in our ordinary schedule to enjoy a family dinner with our closest relatives. Unfortunately, this can also lead to overindulgence, […]

Natural Alternatives to OTC Pain Relievers

It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is, the risk for muscle and joint pain are always present. In the spring many of us will develop muscle cramps while gardening or spring cleaning. Getting the yard ready for outdoor holiday celebrations or cookouts may take its toll on our backs during the […]

Dietary Supplements for Your Health

As previously discussed, the battle for good health is fought on three fronts: diet, exercise, and supplementation. Today we will discuss nutritional supplements, and the importance of using them to benefit your overall health. The Importance of Using Supplements Supplements help to get essential nutrients that the body needs into our systems. Ideally, a healthy […]

Are You Getting Enough Exercise?

We all know that proper diet, exercise, and supplementation are critical to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, we often come home tired, and the stresses of everyday life can get in the way of sticking to a good exercise routine. Fortunately, however, the number of ways to exercise is innumerable. Also, when we make […]

The Heartbleed Bug and DR Vitamin Solutions

Internet users were shocked to hear of an exploit named Heartbleed that may have stolen user names, passwords, and credit card data along with any personal data stored on a server. We just wanted to take a moment to reassure you that your information is safe on our servers, as we were not affected. We […]

Facts about Bell’s Palsy

Roughly one out of every 60 people who read this post will experience Bell’s palsy at some point in their lifetime. It is for this reason we feel that it’s important to be educated on what Bell’s palsy is, what the symptoms, and the possible causes of this mysterious condition, particularly because the signs and […]

VESIsorb: Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

There are many different types of vitamin and supplement delivery systems out there. Some of the common ones include tablets, capsules, powders, and chewables. There are also significantly better ways of getting the nutrients to where they need to be with a higher percentage of utilization and less degradation. These include suppositories, liquids, and various […]

Starting a Healthy Diet

We have all heard since we can remember about how important a healthy diet is to our overall well-being. Many people choose to eat what is affordable or good tasting, and unfortunately are not getting the nutrients we need to maintain optimal health. While supplements are useful to help get those valuable nutrients into our […]