12 Natural Power Foods to Reverse Gray Hair in 2018

Author: Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science).

Published: October 1, 2018

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Are there fruits and vegetables that reverse Gray Hair?

The answer is yes!

Although Gray Hair is part of the natural aging process, premature gray hair is not. There are natural ways to reverse the process that empower your life with the gift of your natural hair color. We have compiled 12 Natural “Power Foods” that can heal your gut, boost your nutrient levels and prevent premature gray hair.

1. Avocado

The benefits of Avocado are seemingly endless. Avocados may come with a hefty price tag, but the benefits of Avocado to reverse gray hair makes this super food a smart investment.

Avocado is rich in Vitamin B; specifically vitamins B2, B3, B5, B9 and B12. Avocados are the solution for those who have vitamin B12 deficiency. Avocados are also packed with Fiber and Copper, two vital ingredients to reverse gray hair. Studies have shown the body uses Vitamin B to make Folic Acid. (1) The body uses Folic Acid to grow healthy skin, nails and hair. Slice thin pieces of half an Avocado into your daily salad to boost your Vitamin B levels so your body can reverse gray hair with Folic Acid.

Health Tip- Solve your vitamin B12 deficiency with Avocado in your Salad!

2. Onion

The truth about Gray Hair is, over time, Hydrogen Peroxide washes out the natural color of hair follicles. Catalase is the enzyme your body needs to break down Hydrogen Peroxide. If the body is not supplied with Catalase, it cannot restore natural hair pigments. Onions are Catalase powerhouses that naturally break down Hydrogen Peroxide.

Onions and Onion Juice are not only Catalase dense, they also function as natural antihistamines the body uses as anti-inflammatory agents. We recommend introducing Onions, Onion Juice or baked Onion chips to create a diet that reverses gray hair naturally. Steer clear of fried Onions as these sources are nutrient depleted and carry a high caloric intake.

Health Tip- Your body needs Catalase to break down Hydrogen Peroxide, Onion Chips and Onion Juice are great sources of Catalase.

Onions, Onion Juice or Baked Onion chips are excellent sources of Catalase. Make sure to consume Organic Onions!

3. Spinach

Pop-Eye the Sailor might have been a fan of canned spinach, but we are not. We are huge fans of organic Spinach to reverse Gray Hair. Spinach is loaded with Iron, making it Gray Hairs worst nightmare.

When your body is low on Iron, the body cannot make Hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin delivers oxygen to grow new hair follicles. Your body will naturally reverse gray hair when it is supplied with Iron and Catalase. Studies have shown that iron deficiency sends the body into “survival mode,” causing oxygen to be sent to vital organs instead of growing new hair cells. (2) Spinach is the perfect food to boost your levels of Iron.

Health Tip- Iron grows new hair follicles. Consume Spinach to boost your levels of Iron.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are power houses for Selenium. Incorporating Reishi and Shitake mushrooms are specific mushrooms used to reverse gray hair. Mushrooms are powerful antioxidants which, like foods high in Vitamin C, protect the cells from free radical damage. (3) Additional benefits of Mushrooms include strengthening the immune system, promotes mental clarity and a reduction in asthma symptoms.

Health Tip- Use Reishi and Shitake Mushroom to naturally raise your Selenium levels and protect your cells.

5. Prunes

Prunes are powerful super foods. Prunes are Copper-dense and are the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Studies have shown that the body uses Copper to make “Melanin.” (4) Think of Melanin as your specific natural hair dye. Melanin is what gives your hair its color. Without Melanin, your body cannot color your hair with its natural color. Boosting your levels of Copper powers your body to reverse Gray Hair by producing Melanin.

Health Tip- Prunes are the perfect afternoon snack to boost your Copper levels.

6. Kale

Kale is a powerhouse food to reverse gray hair because it is Vitamin A dense. When the body is low on Vitamin A, the sebaceous gland cannot produce sebum. Sebum is an oil which protects the skin from both aging and cancer. The skin surrounding the lips is a cancer target as this area of the skin does not make sebum (5). Boosting your Vitamin A levels using Kale strengthens your immune system, reduces acne, lowers oxidative stress and supports the growth of natural hair follicles.

Health tip- Kale is dense in Vitamin B12 and can lower oxidative stress.

Raw Kale Salads are perfect sources to solve Vitamin B12 deficiencies.

7. Prawns

Prawns are packed with Zinc. Zinc is one of the best vitamins for reversing gray hair because of its anti aging benefits for hair, skin and nails. Without Zinc, the body cannot grow new hair follicles and repair damaged cells caused by free radicals. (6)

Prawns can be simply cooked in a wok or large pan with a natural olive oil for 4-5 minutes. Once the prawns are cooked, add some sea salt and ground black pepper.

Health Tip- Your body needs Zinc to grow new hair follicles. Prawns are a bountiful source of Zinc.

8. Lentils

Lentils may be small, but they have big benefits to reverse gray hair. Lentils have high concentrates of vitamin B9, B12 and protein which the body uses to maintain the natural color of your hair. Lentils are a natural solution for individuals who are vitamin B12 deficient.

One cup of Lentils will provide your body with enough protein and Vitamin B to naturally reverse gray hair. We recommend including one cup of Lentils at least twice a week to experience the anti-aging benefits.

Health Tip- Lentils have big benefits for those who are vitamin B12 deficient.

9. Walnuts

Walnuts contain high amounts of copper and healthy fats to reverse gray hair. When the body is supplied with Copper, it can make Melanin to color your hair with its natural pigment. You can use either Walnuts or Almonds to see the benefits.

Almonds and Walnuts are perfect snacks or can be included in your daily salad. Avoid high processed nuts, opt for raw or organic as these options will have real nutrient density.

Health Tip- Candied Walnuts are delicious, but opt for raw Walnuts as they have higher Copper density.

Walnuts are a fun and easy way to supply your body with Copper! Remember, Copper makes Melanin!

10. Beef Liver

Most people do not have a pallet for liver, but this high-quality protein has immense benefits to reverse gray hair. Liver is not only low in fat, it is a low-calorie and nutrient-dense source of copper, iron and biotin.

Many have a concern that liver is high in Cholesterol. This a valid concern, however, studies have shown consuming foods high in Cholesterol causes the body to produce less cholesterol in order to maintain balance. (7) Liver is not an option for everyone, but the benefits of liver make it a powerful food to reverse gray hair.

Health Tip- Liver is not for everyone, but it is a dense source of copper, biotin and iron.

11. Salmon

Did you know Salmon is a powerhouse of Selenium? The body requires Selenium to prevent the premature graying process. (8) We do not recommend farm-raised Salmon due to the low-nutrient density. On top of low nutrient density, farmed-salmon contain unsafe contaminants and there is a valid concern surrounding risky antibiotics in the fish. (9) We recommend wild-caught salmon. Wild Salmon is the high-nutrient source for absorbing Selenium.

Health tip- Selenium is a great source to reverse gray hair as it is Selenium dense.

12. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes have high Biotin content. Biotin, or Vitamin B7, is an essential component of a diet that reverses gray hair as it supports natural hair growth and replenishment. Hair loss is largely sourced in diets with low Biotin supplementation and high oxidative stress.

Studies have shown Biotin deficient diets experienced positive hair growth after receiving Biotin. (10) We recommend incorporating sweet potatoes at least once a week as part of a healthy diet.

Health Tip- The dense Biotin content in Sweet Potato makes it a powerful source to reverse gray hair.

We recommend raw, organic sweet potatoes. Do not fry as this will deplete the vital nutrients.

Article Recap

Graying hair is a legitimate concern for those who would rather return to their natural color. Now that you understand that premature gray hair is caused by Hydrogen Peroxide washing out the natural color of hair, you know how to treat the core problem.

We do not recommend solving the problem through chemical coloring as this does not solve leaky gut. Coloration only masks the issue at hand. Supplementing with these 12 Power Foods can reverse premature gray hair and fix your leaky gut. We have included the specific Vitamin/Enzyme in each of these Power Food in case you decide to use a supplement.

  1. Avocado- Vitamin B
  2. Onion- Catalase
  3. Spinach- Iron
  4. Mushrooms- Selenium
  5. Prunes- Copper
  6. Kale- Vitamin A
  7. Prawns- Zinc
  8. Lentils- Vitamin B
  9. Walnuts- Copper
  10. Beef Liver- Copper, Iron, Biotin
  11. Salmon- Selenium
  12. Sweet Potato- Biotin

We understand that it can be frustrating seeing youthful hair turn gray, but hold fast to these natural power foods. Nothing can replace the power of a functional diet, healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise regimen to reverse gray hair. If you can add a dose of patience to the process, it is within your grasp to reverse premature gray hair.

Thank you for taking the time to read 12 Natural Power Foods to Reverse Gray Hair in 2018.

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