Stress Management

Although the human body is relatively adept at managing acute physical and/ or psychological stressors, chronic psychological stress can produce a variety of adverse effects. Chronic unremitting stress can increase our risk of suffering from a barrage of anxiety- and pressure-related diseases ranging from high blood pressure and dementia to depression. Chronic stress also increases […]

Practical Steps to Detoxification Part VI

This series has gone step-by-step through countless dietary and lifestyle tips which can help you detoxify your body and keep it toxin-free. In this sixth and final installment we’ll review some last suggestions surrounding heavy metal detoxification and various detox supplements.

Practical Steps to Detoxification Part V

Throughout this series, we have explored a number of practical ideas, steps, and lifestyle choices which can make all the difference in keeping your body cleansed from all manner of harmful bodily invaders. Part V delves deeper into the topic of natural detoxification pathways within the human body.

Practical Steps to Detoxification Part IV

Previous entries to this series took an introductory look at toxins and basic methods for preventing toxic overload, like kidney and liver detoxification. Part IV picks up this line with a detailed look at the importance and proper methods of a colon cleanse.

Practical Steps to Detoxification Part I

Detoxification is very important as we live in a very toxic world. A toxin is a pro-oxidant which causes electrons to be taken away from the biomolecules which produces oxidation. Antioxidants like vitamin C restore electrons back to oxidized biomolecules. “Increased oxidative stress causes 100% of all disease.”