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Vision Clarity Carnosine Eye Drops for Cataracts, more

Many people suffer with cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, and other eye ailments. Vision Clarity is the most trusted brand of carnosine eye drops often used as cataract eye drops compared to Can C, Visual Ocuity, Can-C, and many others. The Vision Clarity brand is different. Our sole purpose is to serve you, not money. It is our sincere mission to help others, starting from a foundation of integrity, trust, and quality. As shown with a Certificate of Analysis and years of customer testimonials, Vision Clarity offers the highest grade carnosine eye drops for the lowest cost.


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About Vision Clarity Carnosine Eye Drops

  • Breakthrough Cataract Eye Drops *
  • Also Supports Various Other Eye Aliments *
  • Purified 1% N-Acetyl-carnosine Eye Drops
  • GMP Certified, Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Original, Certified Formula Since 2002
  • Very Low pH for No Eye Sting
  • No Toxic Preservatives or Impurities
  • Transparent Bottles - No Hidden Containments
  • 100% Proven Sterile, Full Potency Formula
  • Documented Safe for People, Dogs, and Pets
  • Highest Quality for the Lowest Cost
  • Vegetarian Formula

Initial Results in 1 to 3 Months! *
Optimum Results in 6 to 12 Months! *

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Vision Clarity Carnosine Eye Drops Cataracts

To get the most from Vision Clarity carnosine eye drops when used as cataract eye drops, the most successful protocol is to take 4 drops a day in each eye (morning, noon, evening, and before bed). Frequency is very important when it comes to cataract eye drops. The first noticeable difference typically occurs in about three months of everyday usage of 4 drops at different times, with most people using the drops for an average of 9 months for a significant benefit.

We have personally talked to thousands of customers about carnosine eye drops and cataract eye drops, and the feedback is so positive, that we end our day with prayer and understanding that people are being helped. Some customers email in testimonials, so we post them here as well.

Your physician is in the best position to monitor improvements in your eyes when using carnosine eye drops. We strongly encourage you to keep regular appointments with your doctor for progress reports on the effectiveness. From the onset of use you may notice some clarity improvements due to the lubricant benefits. Research has suggested that with continued use, the chemistry of the eye slowly changes over time. Initial improvements with cataract eye drops have been reported to occur around the end of the third month. Many customers have reported an improvement in night vision and/or brightness of colors as one of first changes that were noticed, with progressively accelerated results thereafter. Once customers have received optimal results, most continue with a maintenance dose to ensure that cataract or eye ailment does not return.

Vision clarity Carnosine Eye Drops Are Different

You or a loved one may be faced with an eye condition such as cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, or another eye ailment. You might have discovered that carnosine eye drops may show promise in dissolving, reversing, and preventing cataracts.  Then undoubtedly you’ve also noticed the high prices of other carnosine and cataract eye drops.  Within the handful of websites selling n-acetyl-carnosine eye drops, clever tactics are used to persuade you to believe that only their high priced NAC drops will work.  What is noticeable on these other websites are scare phrases and words that warn you to only purchase drops from them, or only with a specific approval on the box, etc. I am disheartened that a suffering group of people are taken advantage of.  You deserve better.

The Vision Clarity brand is different.  Our sole purpose is to serve you.  Our parent company, DR Vitamins, LLC, is located in the United States.  We have been researching nutritional supplements since 1980, and have extensively researched the raw materials found in various NAC eye drops.  It is true that all carnosine eye drops are not created equal.  Purity and toxins are a real concern.  But so is your budget.  Vision Clarity Eye Drops are certified to be free of all contaminants as shown by a Certificate of Analysis for each batch.  Click here to view an actual certificate.  Our N-Acetylcarnosine comes from a 50 year old pharmaceutical company in Italy that specializes in amino acids, and has all the required quality control documents filed with the FDA, TPP, & TGA.  This certified formula in Vision Clarity Eye Drops is the original, and has proven to be effective since 2002.  Over 6 years of impressive results!  Did you ever wonder why some companies use bottles that you cannot see into?  Our bottles are transparent so you can clearly see what you are putting into your eyes.  When the drops are applied, there is no burning reaction due to our unique low pH formula.

It is our sincere mission to help others, starting from a foundation of integrity, trust, and quality.  Serving you is our passion with exceptional products, fair pricing, and personalized customer service.  We believe all people should have the same opportunity for a healthier way of life.  When you call or contact us, you have the option to speak directly to the founder of DR Vitamins, LLC, David Benic.  He will remember you, take a personal interest in your health, and do whatever he can to make sure you are 100% satisfied.  “We want you to be healthy, and happy”!

Vision Clarity Eye Drops are a topical, lubricating, 1% N-acetyl-L-carnosine drops for the eyes. Guaranteed to be properly PH balanced, documented pharmaceutical grade. Our acetylated form of carnosine (Acetyl-L-Carnosine drops) has the science and research documenting its effectiveness.

We are not related to, or ever have been related to, the following companies that were cited by the FDA for impurities. Oxydrops, Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes II, Clarity Vision for Life, Visitein, and Can-C eye drops. Vision Clarity is NOT the same as Clarity Vision for Life or any of these other mentioned brands, and never has been! Don't risk an eye infection! Click here to read the FDA warning. Many people look to eye drops as an alternative to cataract surgery. Even for dog cataracts. Often they ask me to compare brands such as Can C, Visual Ocuity, and CanC. Please see our Questions and Answers page for more.

Our product is manufactured in a cGMP certified, pharmaceutical facility which meets ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 standards for the design/formulation and manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical-grade ophthalmic solutions. Vision Clarity Eye Drops are stored in a carefully climate controlled environment until delivery to you.

It is necessary to use 4 drops daily in each eye for three to nine months to achieve optimum results. Less than this will not give the results you are looking for.  We offer the lowest prices available anywhere and provide additional quantity discounts to make this more affordable for your budget.

Click Here To View Our Main Vision Clarity Site for Much More Detailed Information


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